How not to start a holiday

>>  Friday, July 30, 2010

Soooo...we are due to catch the ferry from Plymouth to Santander. This is our car being towed away by the AA and we are still 300 miles away from the port.

We had just taken the box off the top of the car and we have a mountain of camping equipment, food and clothes sat all forlorn.

Hire car!!! Easy...or so you would think.

At one point we had 2 mobiles and the landline on at the same time, as well as the interweb. We needed a car big enough for 4 and a mountain of 'stuff'. No one had one. Eurocar had one..YEY!...we got part way to fetch it (my ex-husband pulled out extra stops to give my hubby a lift to the pick up point) and they rang and said it was a mistake, they hadn't got one after all....ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH

Finally, finally we found a hire car, a very expensive one but one all the same. Ex-hubby still being helpful, took hubby to fetch it. We threw every thing into it (including the kids!) and were finally on our way.

Honestly, I never thought we would make it and I never knew that HWMBO* and I could work so well as a team under such high stress and not actually kill each learn something new every day.


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