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>>  Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've had an interesting Guiding experience tonight.

It was our local units usual end of summer term all ages, all together at a local place where we meet every year. I usually take control of the kitchen (self inflicted) and usually I don't mind but to a certain extent it has become 'presumed' and tonight was my birthday so I decided to be stubborn.

I was happy to do for my own unit and was happy to help the other Brownie leader whose second leader had been unable to attend at the last minute. She came into the kitchen and said "How is this working tonight? What do I need to do? Can we do any of it together? " She didn't expect me to do it, this I thought was nice and I immediately said "I'll do all the Brownies together no stress". She managed how we would split drinks etc and was concerned about whether she had enough to cover her numbers...good Guiding.

Two more units arrived and brought food into the kitchen for their units with a "where do you want this?" Sorry? !

Now, I could have been my usual self and just got on with it but I didn't......not good Guiding

I simply said "I'm doing the Brownies" and left the other leaders to fend for themselves for a while......not good Guiding

As it was my mum was there (she is close to Guiding being a former leader and likes to see the girls) and did nearly all the kitchen for me, bless her and then she cleared it all up afterwards too, including the pots from the other units.

I give the Rainbow leaders a bit of slack, they are run off their feet with the littlies but the Guide Leaders, now they should be helping out, they have the capacity.
The girls all still had a good time, the leaders still got on but it wasn't the same, there was an under current. So tonight, we have finished for the term and I'm not sat on my usual store of Guiding love and friendship.

I feel that I wasn't a sister to all Guides, I could have been more helpful, I could have been more friendly and I feel a little let down by the expectations of some of the other leaders on me. But that is a Guiding thing..we are capable ladies that I should have done more....Bad Dobby

What a bad way to feel on my birthday...time to remember why I love Guiding....


Ready for next term? I will be!

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