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>>  Sunday, July 18, 2010

I plan. I plan with miltary operation. I know 3 weeks before a day trip whether I will be taking a pack up or not. I start packing cases weeks before I go anywhere. I have lists. I have little piles of stuff ready to go.

Whereas, HeWhoMust BeObeyed has a joy of leaving it to the last minute. I assume it is part of his cunning plan to avoid having to do stuff, and partly his nature.

6 weeks to d-day:
"don't forget you need to get the car lights done"
"yup, onto it"

4 weeks to d-day:
"did you book the car in?"
"nope, I will do it next week"

2 weeks to d-day:
"car lights?"
"yes, I will do that"

6 days to d-day:
"did you book the car in?"
"no, I will do it tomorrow"

5 days to d-bloody-day
"do you think it's really necessary?"
"it's the law"
"ahhhh, it's just that..."
"*#$^! Go to Halfords!"
"ahhhhh, bit busy at the moment"
"FFS, I'll do it then"

See! why did I not just sort it out myself 6 weeks ago and save on the stress. My guess is that's exactly what he is thinking too!

4 days to d-day
"have you thought about what case you are taking?"


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