Study Leave....apparently...

>>  Friday, May 21, 2010

Whilst poddling around the fields with the dogs in a rather heavy warm air, I came across a group of teens putting up tents.

I looked at one of the girls and smiled (what I thought was a friendly smile) and she immediately apologised.

"No problem" I said "as long as you take your rubbish home"

I noted that they had enough shop bought sandwiches and unhealthy snacks to feed a small army!
One girl came from behind a bush complaining of having stung her (use your imagination) on a nettle - yowzza, that's got to hurt.

"But it's a school night, yes?"

"Exam leave!!" they chirped and added "We're revising all night!"

"Stay warm, plenty of layers underneath" (ever the Guider)

"No need," says one of the lads "we're all squishing up in the small tent!"

"hmmm, you're hoping mate " I thought and the look on the girls faces said exactly the same thing!!

I left them to their pitching and thanked our lucky stars that they have such a safe place to do this sort of thing and hoped at some point between now and exam day they do actually open a book!

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