To Break Lent or Not to Break Lent

>>  Friday, March 26, 2010

I have been very tenacious for all of lent and not a drop has past my lips (except communion) and no chocolate at all (not even a Starbucks sprinkle) but for our Anniversary we are off out.

I have avoided 'out' except the Poker night party where by 10pm everyone had had a significant amount to drink, except me. What I learnt that night is that a room full of drunks can understand each other and follow the conversation whereas I had no idea what anyone was talking about!

My issue isn't alcohol, oh no, that was easy solved : I'm going to drive. There is no way ever I would have a drink and drive. It's the lure of the chocolate, there will be some luxurious chocolate pud there with my name on it. How strong can I be and how wicked and guilt ridden the feelings if I break lent?

And shall I tell you something else - I'm going to Cadburys World next week - how do I get through a chocolate factory, a chocolate shop, a chocolate heaven (since 1911 - no that's Thorntons isn't it!), a get the picture!

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