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>>  Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm not one to say things I don't mean, I don't issue idle threats. If I say something I mean it. My daughter knows very well that Mum's No means No and Yes means Yes.

Over the past few months my husband has been having a fairly tough time of it and I have suffered an extrordinary amount of grumpiness. On Thursday I told him that I was not prepared to put up with it any longer; it was either the happy way or the highway!

I love my husband dearly and especially his fantastic way of making a massive effort to do something well once he has decided to do it and my word he has put some effort in this weekend.
Friday night we went out for a meal for our Anniversary. It should have been a lovely place with rave reviews and a price tag to match, but it was fairly naff and the service was dreadful.

Saturday he came out gardening with me, something he really doesn't enjoy but he mucked in. And Saturday night we tried again, we went to a different restaurant and had a wonderful evening.

Today he came dogskiing with me But...

...whilst I was out jet washing the trampoline of a winters worth of yuk, I looked through the window and he was ironing. This my dear friends I haven't seen him do in over 6 years!!!!!!!

To me this shows his commitment is as strong as it ever was and in a way I am sorry I shared my strength of feeling with him. It must have been heck of a shock to send him in the direction of the iron. It may be another 6 years before he comes into close contact with it again so I made sure I told him lots of times how much I appreciated it!

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