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>>  Monday, February 08, 2010

I was really disappointed by the teacher (and myself) at my daughters parent's evening today.

From the moment we sat down, she wanted to only talk about her current SAT score. I refuse to be drawn into a SAT conversation and always show disinterest in the score given.

At H’s current stage of her educational progress I understand that she is doing ok, she is regularly above average but has room for higher achievement if she chose to work harder. This I can determine from how she manages her homework and the report she came home with.

What I am not able to determine as a parent is how she stands in personal development, whether she interacts with others well, whether she fits normally into appropriate peer groups, where her favourite interests at school lie and what areas that she enjoys most and I can encourage her in. This sort of information is very hard for me to piece together from what little she shares with me and yet these keys development areas will be the basis for the person she will become.

This is the information I would like to talk to her teacher about, not whether she can shift from a 'B' to an 'A' with enough drilling.

The school’s SAT factory reminds me of Dr Seuss’s Sneetch machine!

I would love to be able to share with her teacher how much I appreciate her dedication and the energy she gives to my child. The enjoyment she has at school and her growing confidence comes from the teachers' hard efforts but in the 3 minutes allocated to me, I seem only to be able to argue about the futility of SATs.

A most unsatisfactory night for all the wrong reasons.

(and for the teachers listening: I popped back up with a bottle of wine and a note expressing my regrets at my annoyance and my appreciation - of course she was still up to her eyeballs in parents so I left it with the caretaker. Hope she gets it!!)


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