Two Beautiful Countries

>>  Friday, January 08, 2010

I was so pleased to see Dan post a Favourite Photo Meme without being tagged, I have been rather hoping to be tagged myself but clearly swim in the same pond life pool!! So I've struck it out alone too!

This is very close to where I live. On a lovely hot summers evening I drove past it alone and realised how nice it was at that time. I drove home and yelled "quick turn off dinner and get in the car we're going to Saddington". We had a wonderful hour there, the 3 of us, just being together and appreciating nature.

And this is my little Dora the Explorer heading off in fly net to explore Uluru (Ayres Rock) . She has a little orange dusty bottom from where she had been playing in the dirt.

Two different sides of the world and 2 of my favourite photos.

Although for my most favourite place and photo to give me strength and calm, this will always be it.

Thanks to Tara for giving me this time to sit with these memories.


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