>>  Thursday, January 07, 2010

Most weeks of the month my hands work properly and I am generally competent at day to day tasks like bringing in the milk so why when hormones sway can my hands not function properly?

My mood may still be light as a fairy (but probably not)
My weight may be a constant without bloatiness (but highly unlikely)

But the ultimate PMS decider is can I:

-open a tin can without spilling half the contents

-empty the bin without spilling at least 30% on the floor

-bring in the milk without dropping the bottle (gee whizz if I do this with a glass bottle one more time I'll eat my hat probably whilst jumping up and down followed by a little teary cry!!)

-squirt anything from a bottle into a glass rather than over the top of it

...and the answer today is "no", I am an inept fumbling idiot - best stay away from sharp objects!!!!!!!!


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