Friends are the sunshine of life

>>  Monday, March 15, 2010

Do you have some friends and some acquaintances?

I have a very small number of close friends. The people I really feel relaxed in their company, would choose to go on holiday with, will share my deepest secrets, hopes fears and know they will be supportive.

Being with one of these friends means so much to me, I treasure the days we have together, trips out, coffee chats. She lives in a different economic environment to me. I have to think a lot less than her about what I spend my money on or how much a day out costs.

Sometimes this makes it harder..I want to go out for a meal with her because I know it would be a lovely time. I would be happy to say "I'll pay" but she wouldn't be rapt about that, I think. I am a lazy tripper by nature, happier to be entertained from the results of an entrance fee and a cafe. So I have to think hard about picnic days, walks in parks, home craft days, hand made friendship presents and I reckon that makes me value her even more because what we come up with is usually great fun and very rewarding.

I also know she doesn't care about the size of my house, the newness of my car or the cut of my clothes. So I don't have to apologise for the car I drive, I can wear my comfy shoes and she won't judge me a jot.

It is easy to have acquaintances that fit the socioeconomic group you are in, to play 'keeping up with the Jones'' and have generally entertaining times but having a real true friend goes deeper than any money could ever go.

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." Walter Winchell


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