The Dog took the Biscuit

>>  Friday, January 15, 2010

I don't go in our living room very often, it is home of the largest tv and as a result "He who must be obeyed" domain. HWMBO has been in Sweden for 4 days this week and on day 4, daughter went into the living room and announced "it smells funny"

It was beyond funny it was gas and lots of it.

Being as I was working from home I did the obvious thing and group mailed my whole IT Support team with "I can smell gas bad, what do I do?".

Those guys are great, not one of them asked me if I'd rebooted the fire, I got 10 replies within seconds and all mainly on the theme "don't touch any electrics, open the doors and windows, turn the gas off and ring 0800111999". So I did!

So the man in an off shore call centre tried to give me instructions that I couldn't understand like:

"hillo madman, have you now ipiened the draws, pleasez go out now and trawn uff ze ges"


This conversation was struggling in the extreme when I opened the curtains in the living room to be confronted by a snarling, barking dog!

"hillo madman, have you now ipiened the draws"

"no, there's a dog.....not my dog......a dog and it's at the doors"

So now I'm yelling "go away, shoo, go"; finally, a big fat "FUCK OFF DOG" sent it whimpering home.

" sorry hello, hmm sorry about the language....yes the doors are now open"

Geee Whizz - why can't a crisis be just a straight forward crisis - who had to throw a stray dog into the mix!!

Anyway, if you're interested National Grid turned up within 30 mins and stopped my leak which was rather a bad one and they even relit the boiler for me - so toastie warm I sit, whilst still pondering where the heck that dog came from!


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