Panic...what was I thinking!!!

>>  Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Eve Party looms.....I love a good house party, lots of people, noise games (and ensuing mess!) but what was I thinking this year. Last year we had about 15 people over and the house seemed very full. This year I have formally invited 28 with an informal (the 'why don't you pop round' kind) to another 6.

What was I thinking?!!!!!

We don't live in a mansion, we have space but that much?!!!! eeeek

I have food, but that much?!!!!!! eeeeek

I have party games planned, but will it entertain 15 overtired children for a possible 6 hours?!!!! double eeeek

The worst New Years Eve I ever had was the millennium when I went and stood in the street on my own and watched the fireworks going off around and went back into the empty house and I swore I would never be miserable again on NYE. (It runs a close winner to the one spent with my current Mother-in-law : but that's a whole blog post!!!).

So every year now I make sure I have house guests, every year the numbers double and people are happy to come. I think next year I will have to hire the village hall but in the meantime - PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!


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