Where's the Bar

>>  Friday, October 23, 2009

I mentioned this week to someone that I had recently been to Walsingham on a pilgrimage.

They said "oh, are you VERY religious"
"errrrrrrrrrrrr, well that sort of depend on your definition of VERY"
"well, I just wondered because my current boyfriend is training to be a vicar"
"ahhhhhh - I'm probably not that religious!"

So what makes a person VERY religious - I have faith, I love Jesus (though he loves me more), I go to church at least once a month (but not as often as I should or would like), I am part of my church family - that probably is a 'very' to an atheist but a 'could try harder' to a vicar.

What makes us VERY anything - it's so subjective:

Am I very busy? I think so, but others seem to do more than me
Is my daughter very good? By my standards yes, by a Victorian nanny's - probably not!

So who places the bar - well that's the problem - we all do and I know exactly where my bar is, but you don't. And even if I told you where my bar was, you wouldn't see it through my eyes and perspectives change everything.

PS : my bar also moves around a lot - just ask my husband!


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