Parking Violations

>>  Sunday, October 25, 2009

I stumbled across an interesting article about personalised number plates in America screwing up the parking violation system.

Given RTFM's recent Council run-in and Grumpy Old Kens Welsh Matter, I would now like to share my own debacle:

7:15 am Harborough Station - 2 parking machines tried not working, train coming - run for train and leave car without ticket.

9:15am London - ring East Midlands Trainline and explain problem. They say they will pass message onto station as I am not allowed to speak to station directly.

6:15pm Harborough Station - peel parking ticket off car

7:30pm home - ring East Midlands Trainline and explain problem. It is apparently not their problem it is in the hands of BPE. Having checked 2 computer systems, they have no record of the phone call at 9:15am. Hang on, 2 systems - how many have you got, can you check them all?- no, no thought not, so no help proffered then!

9:30am - East Midland Customer Care(!!!) line. Man suggested that if maybe 3 out of the 4 machines available had been out of use then it would be ok but as I only tried 2 I must pay the fine. Woaaah slow down there - sorry, how did you draw the line at 3? Where is that rule written down? Have you seen the size of the car park? Do you know how long it would take me to find/queue at all 4 machines to find a working one? Does me having paid £92 to stand for 2 hours count for anything? - no, no thought not, so no help proffered then!

10am - flirt around the web reading forums of people saying the thugs at BPE aren't worth going to war with unless you are prepared to lose a lot of time and money in the process.

10:15am - pay £40 fine (that would double to £80 if not paid rather quickly) -

10:16 am - *sigh*


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