Ex-Marital Bliss

>>  Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tonight I went to the open evening of the high school my daughter will attend next year.

I, of course, went with daughter and her father (my ex). He picked us up, we all went in one car. We went around much the same as all the other couples there and he brought us home again. There's no mistaking we get on OK. We fully support each other in our parenting roles.

But more to the point I saw 2 of my friends with girls in the same school year, also with their ex-husbands, also looking like solid couples and generally being cohesive and supportive parents.

All 3 of us ex-wives are remarried. The 3 ex-husbands haven't remarried but are all in relationships. How understanding of the new husbands that their wives go out for an evening looking like a couple with the ex, all be it in a parental role (which is probably where the understanding comes from).

But how cool is it that despite marital breakdown and all the pain and hurt that comes with it we all just behave like 'adults' and parents and get on with it.

When some people suffer such dreadful animosity with ex-relationships, I know how lucky I am that we have managed, so far, to make the best of it for our daughter and as a result we benefit too.

Ps It was a great school too!


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