>>  Monday, September 28, 2009

Grumpy old Ken had a severe case of lookapratus recently but this is something that strikes me and I guess many other down regularly.


Heel caught in hem of trouser whilst walking up/down stairs at work

Dropping keys in revolving door and bending over to pick them up with door still in motion

Dropping 4 pint carton of milk in same revolving door the following day

In "tourist" clothing on tube, trying not to obviously read map on wall and yet clearly lost

Indicating across 3 lines of traffic jam to exit left when you are truly lost not trying to jump queue

Gesticulating apologetically for turning the wrong way up a one way street with 3 lanes of approaching traffic

Wiggling down road feeling a sexy million dollars and heel caught in pavement crack

Filling car with petrol before realising you don't have your purse

Calling mother and explaining that despite being 40 years old you forgot purse and would appreciate just one more bail out

Arriving at Brownie planning meeting with kitchen calendar because you are clearly the only person in the world that doesn't own an ipod/filofax/any form of cool life organiser

I could go on for ever...my faux pas are endless....terminal case of lookapratus


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