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>>  Friday, September 11, 2009

Today I had to deliver the parachute to Brown Owls house ready for first night of the new term. I go to this house regularly.

This morning I drive to the wrong house, ring doorbell. She's not in, strange she ought to be I think, but drop parachute and a bag of bits she needed over the fence, send her a text and leave. Reply comes in. Engage help of neighbours of wrong house, wrong house owners are on holiday. One set of ladders and rake later, I have parachute and bag of bits delivered to Brown Owl.

Part deux:

Why am I delivering parachute and not taking it myself? Because I am meeting friend at local theatre company show. I stood outside for a while waiting for her then go inside to notice I have 3 missed calls from friend and a message telling me she is on my doorstep, we were meeting at my house apparently.

Have I completely lost the plot or is my head just so full of stuff that none of it is being processed properly? All the same time to up the Ginkgo dose me thinks!


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