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>>  Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's been a while since I received an acknowledgement - I have come to the conclusion I was writing for therapy mainly (my excuse for a small audience!!) , but Notsupermum cheered me up with the "your a great read award". The trend is to list 10 things and they are positive ones so I'm with Internet likes:

I like blogging
I enjoy reading other peoples blogs
I look forward to my regular reading list posts
I like the way google knows what I mean when I type in a guessly spelt word in a way a dictionary doesn't help!
I love supermarket shopping in my dressing gown with glass of wine in hand
Being able to read reviews before I by something
It's always on I can find out about just about anything I want almost immediately
Most of it is complete rubbish and wholly inaccurate (I relate!)
Amazon! The Marks and Sparks of t'internet

and of course 5 sites I consider to be a great read:
Nota Bene a truly good read that I keep learning things from
Modern Mum always makes me laugh
Dust Bunny Hostage for always being so positive
Millennium Housewife I love my giggles
Grumpy Old Ken because when he does post it is generally worth reading

sorry it has to be 6 :

Working Mum on the Verge she has me hooked!


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