A problem ignored, is a problem magnified

>>  Friday, August 14, 2009

Some time ago there was a big bang in the night, we made limited effort to find the cause having ascertained we weren't under attack we went back to sleep and forgot about it. *

About a week ago there was a lot of noise in the chimney, I thought it was a bird. Hubby went outside to stare at the chimney for a while whilst I turned the fire on and off. Again, it was a limited effort and I think we vaguely hoped the problem would go away.

Today the living room smelt of dead animal. An overpowering, cannot be ignored smell. We traced it to the fire - "that would be the bird then"!

So the fire had to be disconnected (by handy corgi registered neighbour) and taken out and there was the biggest fattest rotting, maggot infested pigeon -eeeeeuuuuuuuuw

So the problem has moved to my dustbin, we are 12 days from bin collection (and counting) - this pigeon smells even worse than the dead fox we had a few weeks ago - I have bought Jeyes Fluid to try to curb it but my guess is the its going to be a long 12 days!

*This presumably was our chimney cover leaving the chimney


Stephanie 10:33 pm  

Oh ick! I'd be looking for a dump!

PippaD 12:12 am  

It isn't a racing pigeon is it? If it was then the owner might come and pick up the remains...

Please don't ask me how I know this. ;)

Working Mum 1:35 pm  

I have this head in the sand attitude too. Currently hoping the leaking shower and the resulting big hole in the hall ceiling will fix itself. At least a rotting corpse didn't fall out of my ceiling!

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