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>>  Thursday, July 09, 2009

A letter in this months 'Guiding' queries why Rainbows don't have a salute. The precis of the answer is this is because they do not have the dexterity to do so.

Poppycock! Why do we worry so much that children might be asked to do something difficult or that they may not all achieve it?

If we take this school of thought all the way then:

we wouldn't give children that can't read books to look at - you can't have a book until you can read

we wouldn't give children crayons - you can't have a writing implement until you can write

we wouldn't allow them to wear uniforms - you can't wear it until you understand the responsibility of what it represents

5 - 7 year old girls are able to copy a salute, they could be encouraged to just hold their hand up and try to touch thumb and little finger if they want to, but no matter what they can or can't manage to do they should be allowed to, if they want to.

Stop stopping the littlies being like the biggies if they want to be, let it be an option not mandatory. I think if they want to salute they can, if they want to parade they should be able to. Let them feel part of something big, after all we are huge!!!


Working Mum 9:23 pm  

I agree! When I read the start of your post and the fact that they don't have the dexterity I thought "But they can try" so I'm so glad you said the same. I'm sure my daughter would love trying a salute.

btw she is LOVING Rainbows - I went to watch her puppet show on Monday and it was adorable - she kept popping her head up and grinning at me. I'm so glad I signed her up for it.

Jen 9:51 pm  

I agree totally!

Nicky 11:05 pm  

I agree too, as per usual, Guiding is run by people who do not have a clue!

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