Impenetrable Packaging

>>  Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I would like to meet the person whose job it is to 'user acceptance test' packaging.

Toothbrushes in the hard wrap plastic I find almost impossible to get at, I end up hacking at them with a pair of nail scissors in the bathroom.

Long life juice cartons are another bug bear, I won't buy the push in type and opt for the tab pulls but I still always manage to spill a lot with the first pour from a full carton.

Opening bags of milk, now there's a skill I haven't acquired yet.

Wrappers on Cd and DVDs I usually end up trying to bite my way into them

Today's challenge (with holiday looming) was a travel iron and some SD cards, absolutely lethal sharp hard plastic. I couldn't prise it apart, I resorted to chopping away at the plastic in sections and then inserting my hand into the shards!

Every year there are over 70,000 people attending Accident and Emergency departments with injuries related to opening packaging, this costs our Health Service £12 million pounds a year. That's madness! But completely believable if this evidence is anything to go by:

So could the Guy who says daily "yep, that's a really good iron package" actually try to open the damn thing and maybe in the morning he could open a new toothbrush, carton of juice, tin of spam, exploding rice crispies box with bag of milk and still get the kids to school (and him to work) on time without being covered in 'product'!!!


Jen 8:53 pm  

Oh I am totally with you. Imagine getting a pair of scissors in that kind of packaging! You'd never be able to open it as you'd have no scissors to get in!

AGuidingLife 9:52 am  

that's pretty funny!

Tim Atkinson 9:44 pm  

I think it's deliberately made as difficult as possible, to make us grateful... Doesn't work, does it?

Working Mum 12:01 pm  

I hear you! I opened three toothbrushes yesterday - had to sit down when I'd finished!

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