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>>  Monday, June 01, 2009

Thought it was time to expand on the vomiting comment in the last post:

Picture: Midnight, all leaders about ready for bed after an exhausting day. Young Leader (who was sleeping in room with brownies) comes into kitchen and says "A Brownie has just been sick"

I rush into room and see brownie sat up in bed in a pool of sick, she goes into the leaders room to be looked after and I survey damage. The horror unveils that she has also been sick over the child in the next bed, who is still sleeping soundly.

Sleeping Brownie is sponged down and moved to a clean bed without even waking!
Sick Brownie is also washed, changed and moved to a clean bed.

The 2 sick covered beds are removed from the room. Now picture: 2 Guiders, on hands and knees in torch light washing carpet, 2 Guiders outside sorting sick covered bedding and beds.

A number of girls are now awake and complaining about the smell of sick, the Young Leaders place a drop of lavender oil on their pillows to ease the smell and drift them off to sleep (it worked!).

So 1am, wash myself down and roll up sleeves to completely disinfect kitchen down because of happenings.

2am, start counting hours from last meal in case it's food poisoning and more children are ill (it wasn't - phew).

3am finally fall asleep.

7am get up and sit by moved brownie, when she wakes up I have to explain exactly why she is in a different bed, she looks horrified until I tell her she is going straight in the shower and bless her socks she finds it funny.

How accepting of a situation children are : it amazes me.

It was an interesting experience all told that pulled on the resources, team work and general tenacity of all the Guiders - it takes special people to manage a situation like that calmly, quickly, lovingly (for the girls), sensibly and as team.

I'm rather proud of us all.


Stephanie 12:20 am  

No bless you! It takes a VERY special person to deal with someone elses vomitus child.
Hope the rest of your camp out was glorious:)

Jen 9:16 am  

Well done - thumbs up from me!

Nicky 10:42 am  

And from me too!

I am helping to QM a large brownie camp for 80 girls and 15 leaders in July. I hope that nothing like this happens to us!

Working Mum 8:41 pm  

Oh my goodness, what special people you are. When I was a cub leader I didn't encounter this problem, it was mostly blood I had to deal with (how can little boys injur themselves in so many ingenious ways?) - think I prefer blood!

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