Mountain Top Moments

>>  Saturday, May 02, 2009

With our Guiding Centenary looming this is the ideal time for us to be giving our girls their own mountain top moments.

I thought long and hard about where my Guiding one was. On a Guide camp not too many years ago with my daughter aged 5. It was my first Guide Camp ever and I loved every single moment of it.

I told the leaders who ran the camp last night. I'm sure they must have thought me very strange as I choked back tears telling them how special it was and thanking them.

I'm not sure as leaders we always know how big a difference seemingly small things make to lives but they do.

If I can help one girl to achieve her own 'Mountain Top' moment every year I will be very happy.


Jen 9:50 am  

I think mine was when a Brownie who thought she couldn't make it up a climbing wall did, and was so thrilled with herself. That made me feel like a great leader!

Meeting the Chief Guide and Scout at Westminster Abbey was pretty cool too.

I have the same ambition as you - here's to many mountaintop moments for our girls!

Nicky 12:56 am  

I had mine last year, one of my Guides left and sent me a letter saying that thanks to me, she feels she is a better person, a better sister and a better friend. I was in bits!

I also have the same ambition to give a girl a mountain top moment too.

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