Listening - the whole story

>>  Thursday, May 28, 2009

The conversations between me and hubby often go like:

"I was wondering if.."
"I've told you I am going to do it I haven't had time yet and anyway you never do it. What are you giving me one of those looks for?"
"'s going to rain tomorrow"

Listening to the end of a sentence is a hard skill. We hear the first few words, decide what the person is going to say, work out the response and send that out and we do all this often without having actually listened to the other person at all. My husband should get an Olympic gold for it but I can't say it's all him.

"mum can I have a biscuit?"
"nope, it's too close to bedtime, go do your teeth"
"mum can I have.."
"no, I said no and no means no : why are you looking so happy about it"
"I was going to ask if I could have toothpaste, mines empty..but as you means no"

Damn, that kid's getting good!


The wife of bold 9:45 pm  

Ha kids today are way more ahead of the game than i remember being - she's funny! I hate to admit it but i am also guilty of the "not listening to the whole story."

Jen 8:20 pm  

Heh - nice one!

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