(Don't) Panic

>>  Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One side of my dining room is completely covered in "kit" - the frying pans, bingo balls, painting aprons, kitchen box, laminator, iron*, first aid bedding, spare uniform, etc - yes all those things we NEED for pack holiday.

The other side of my dining room is stuffed to the gills with all the dry store food I need, that I have been buying in small amounts with my own shopping each week.

My spare bed is piled high with all the bags, clothes, bedding, coats, wellies, blankets, sleeping bags, torches etc - that a leader and brownie must take away.

My office is a pile of posters, points charts, menus, to-do lists.

My head is in a fuddle...

...perishable shopping still to do, must remember to leave something in fridge for Hubby (if only beer!)....

Guess how close Pack Holiday is! Now is the time to take Douglas Adams' advice.

*Fabric Painting


Stephanie 8:41 pm  

LOL Kinda sounds like you're panicking!

Nicky 1:50 pm  

You know you love it! My rrom looks like crate heaven about a week before I take the Guides away too!

Jen 8:24 pm  

Keep calm and carry on!

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