Window Licking

>>  Friday, April 24, 2009

Window licking started as a simple thing, my husband was coming up to the front door and I pushed my nose on the glass to make a funny face. It made me laugh, it seemed harmless so I sort out new ways to annoy him.

He was wiping the windows outside, I push face up to the window inside ... "ha ha" he says sarcastically but I know he is faking and it amuses him as much as it does me.

Garage filling station : he is stood putting petrol in the car. Both H and I push our faces on window and start to lick it (yes I know it is foul!) but the point is he is the only person that can see us and nobody else knows why he is stood laughing his head off at the pump.

So jump ahead a few months and the thrill seeking needs to expand! Back at the petrol station : hubby is in long queue to pay, our window screen faces the whole queue...yep...H & I manoeuvre cleverly up to dashboard and push faces hard against window screen and lick! Hubby is dying on spot but the big question is will he actually return to the car or pretend it isn't his?!!!

Yes he came back - he managed to keep a straight face the whole time and very dryly said "you'll be cleaning that then!"

Roseanne & Dan Barr would have been proud!


Jen 3:34 pm  

You are so classy! :-)

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