"My son is never naughty" - oh really!

>>  Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Working mum on the verge talks about the behaviour of a group of mums today.

I never seem to fit into the "playground mum" mold. I was never quite 'in the circle'. Most of the people I can relate to also often say they are not 'in the circle' so are we in little squares! The behaviour of the 'incrowd' often leaves me agog:

8.45am (me at year 4 line-up):
"Little Jonny please stop pushing" I say sternly
"Little Jonny stop pushing" says LJ in stupid voice
"LJ please stop repeating me" I say more sternly
"LJ stop repeating me" says LJ
"LJ if you can't be respectful I shall tell your teacher that you are being naughty" ...end of conversation...I thought"!

4pm (my house)
bang, bang on door
"Did you tell my son off this morning" yells mother on doorstep
"ahhh Hello, yes, well, not really, we did speak about behaviour" I say politely "would you like to step inside?"
"HE came HOME in tears"
"well that wasn't the intention to upset him"
"MY SON IS PROPER GENTLEMEN, the teacher said so at his parents evening, said he was NEVER NAUGHTY "

kitchen door opens, my daughter pops her head around and says in a lovely smiley voice "oh yes he is, Mrs C is always telling him off"

I could have kissed her on the spot !!!!

I explained to the mum what had happened. She look at him and said "Did you do that?"
"no mum" he said, all wide eyed and innocent
"SEE" she yells at me

I've no idea how she thought her behaviour had helped him.
If COG told me a parent had "told her off" she would get one response "Either you did something you shouldn't have or you caught them on an off day, which was it?"

I am in the "the teachers/parents are usually right" camp and be sure to get your facts straight before going in all guns blazing.


Jen 8:49 am  

I'm with you - but I'm shocked the parent ended up at your door! I'd only go to someone's house to talk about a kid if it was someone I was friendly with so I knew it would be ok. I might speak in the playground to someone else but I'd never barge round there.

Working Mum 9:08 am  

Unbelievable! Children learn to lie to get themselves out of trouble at age 2; by the time they are at school they are experts at it! Some also learn that their parents will believe them and use it to their advantage!

I had an awful parents' evening once when a child had told her mother that I wouldn't allow her to take her text book home. (Basically she was too lazy to take a large book home and to school each day and chose to leave it at school) Her mother believed her, BOUGHT her her own text book and then told all the parents in the playground that I wouldn't let them take their books home. I had parent after parent attacking me for it all evening! I just kept saying "They can take their books any time they want", but parents wouldn't believe me! If only the mother hadn't believed her daughter and had just rung and spoken to me, but her daughter would never lie, would she?!

Iota 8:07 pm  

Poor you. What a horrible story.

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