Boxing Off

>>  Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I recently attended a meeting as I had volunteered to take minutes, distribute notes etc to help out the Division Commissioner.

There was an 'off topic' conversation about IT systems:

"It's really easy to develop IT systems on obsolete software, unless you go to the real techies for advice and they are just sandal wearing geeks that can't communicate" says Guider 1 (IT Management background)

"I don't understand why we pay a team of 7 people to do the job, why can't just one do it for a decent salary?" says Guider 2 (Financial background)

My role is what would be defined as "real techy". I build very large servers, install and administer Unix OS, NAS storage systems and rather large databases. Throw in a bit of ksh scripting and pl/sql and I proudly wave my multi-tasking flag at you all again!!!

BUT I rarely wear sandals with socks and actually I consider myself to be quite a good communicator. I can usually translate what I need to do in fairly simple terms for the project managers to be able to use.

ALSO I work in a team of people, I find the average 5 on-call shifts I do a week interfere with my home/work life balance and wouldn't really want to do anymore. The idea of 100% of all support calls and all maintenance and….I think I could last about 3 months before burning out!

At the meeting I did quietly admit to the others what my job was, smiled but said no more. I decided to keep quiet about how "boxed off" I felt.

Are all 'Geeks' unable to communicate?, all builders cowboys?, all blondes dumb? all working mothers not committed fully to their job ?(or family for that matter - depending on which camp you ask!) - I consider myself to be ME. I have a very different set of skills and priorities to you. Neither is bad or good but diversity is fantastic.

I am pushing manically at lid of the box the world wants to squeeze me into, I refuse to stay there!


Jen 5:17 pm  

I didn't realise our work was so similar, I am at the user end of content management systems etc. Did you get onto this topic because of Go/Streamline by any chance? :)

AGuidingLife 7:36 pm  

:0) yep!

And what was said about 'Go' may (or not) have been true - I was trying to just be "Miss Jones" taking minutes but felt the desperate need to stand up for all Geeks that knew a good shoe when they saw it!!!!

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