Journey to the sea - part 3 Animals alive and dead

>>  Thursday, January 28, 2021

Animals are a large incentive for me and the reason I go litter picking.

There's nothing like a calf to stir your heart and make you see all that is good in the world. (Provided you don't think too hard about  where it will most likely end up!)
Although with the cows come the flies, I fished this one out of my eye after a litter picking walk.

But it's not just the flies that suffer, please cut the ear loops on your disposable masks.

And please dispose of your masks properly.

It is not unusal to find dead rodents in cans.
And bottles
They can't get out after they get in.
and another

It's so sad.

This poor little thing was inside a crisp packet.  I threw him to the kites.
Anyway talking of food! 

But look at this little fella, he followed me all round the field, I rang mulitiple farmers before finding the one that owned his mum and they came to fetch him!

I love this horse, it always comes to see me as I walk past.  I found a horse wandering down a path one day, I'd just started to ring the stable to send some of the girls down to collect it (I could hear them up on the hill!) when they spotted it and came wellie charging down to collect it!

Need a hair cut mate?  Lockdown is getting to us all!
Another one of my walk buddies that always comes to see me.  
But I do love to take time to watch the birds.

So, yeah, please take your litter home with you.  It's not that it looks unsightly, we can all cope with ugly, it's that it KILLS



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