I would run 1000 miles, I would walk 472 more.

>>  Saturday, January 09, 2021

I've been chasing down a 1000 running miles in a year for a few years. In 2019 I got close but not quite.  I think that’s because I walked so many and walking takes so much longer but this year I got a treadmill for lockdown 1 and set to it.


I set to it so keenly I over ran, increasing my mileage massively and ending up injured, so the summer months were light on running miles but I took the opportunity to walk.  I started couch to 5k in September and came back gently.  Couch to 10K in November and December and found the same injury starting to niggle again.

So I’m  not likely to run anywhere near as far in 2021,  but all the same, I’m incredibly proud of my effort in 2020. 

I used a site that does monthly medals to motivate me all year, when you’ve paid for 12 medals in advance there’s no way I wasn’t going to earn them. I’ve worked hard for them.

Imagine stepping out of your door now and saying “right I’m going to go 1472 miles, see you later” well I very much did that in chunks! Adds up doesn’t it! 



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