Rangers Mission to Moth - online meeting

>>  Friday, July 17, 2020

Leicester went into stricter lock-down just as the rest of the country was starting to party in the pubs and get out and about.  A number of my Rangers were really upset about it.  They'd played by the rules and felt they were now being punished for something they didn't do.  To cheer them up I offered an extra meeting that week on the Saturday night.  We'd been saying for a while we wanted to do 'Mission to Moth' so it was declared the thing to do.

It needs a dark night - so that was school boy error number 1.  It was not going to be early to bed!

The kit was sorted and the messages started to come in like "I've not got a banana" and "we haven't got beer" - they'd had 5 days to think about it!  I gave them the best advice I could "Google it for a substitute then" !

I was not totally surprised to see that Charnmud was still making an appearance on my kit.  That damned stuff will go to the grave with me!

We all got on with the prep whilst it was still light.

School boy error number 2!  When you want to show your bowl contents to the camera - don't tip it up over the keyboard of your daughter's laptop.  Brown sugar mixed in cola with smashed banana seeping under the keys - suspect that will turn out to be an expensive mistake.

The rangers got on with the task in hand whilst I mopped and prayed.

And chattered whilst it got dark.

It was a pleasant evening spent but unfortunately cold and windy...

...which was probably school boy error number 3.

So between 6 of us we managed to attract 1 moth - yes one!   I have more than that in my bedroom some nights!

But what matters was at least two Rangers said "I've really enjoyed tonight, I found it really relaxing, it was so good to get away from everything and just watch and chat"

So in my eyes that's mission accomplished, happy girls, that's all I ever want to see.


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