Girlguiding Celebrate 2020

>>  Friday, February 28, 2020

Girlguiding Midlands went large this year for Thinking day.

Our local county put on buses with multiple pick up points to keep the costs right down for each unit so as many could go as possible. And 13,500 girls headed to the NEC Birmingham for a day of fun.

 I went with a local Brownie unit.

When we first arrived the queues were stacked up to get in but they soon moved through and the wonderful thing about Guiding is everyone cares about each other and does as instructed; so groups wait for others to pass through so they aren't split up, everyone huddles to avoid cold, and hustles the shuffle when the rain starts.

Most of the male toilets had been 'redesigned' to be female loos. so with a quick loo stop despite the numbers there and a cup of tea in hand we headed into the first of the 4 large activity halls that was on our first time slot.

There were so many activities I can't list them all but amongst them were trampolines, rollerskating, 3 sizes of climbing walls, including a moving one, zorbing, inflatable assault courses, huge bouncy slides, bouncy castles - never ending activities.  You couldn't possibly do even a small amount of what was there in the time we had before heading to the next hall.

We did CPR and visited an ambulance.
 Built a tank with the army

And fired balls at other tanks.

The 3rd hall was a huge fairground with loooooong queues for the rides but they all got a ride or two.

And finally the Silent Disco - the girls wear head phones with 3 channels of music to choose from but sometimes the popular records clearly took over the hall and the singing was loud!

And of course we renewed our promises

This was an amazing day all organised and run by volunteers - never forget that every person that makes this happen is not paid, we give our time freely to give girls these incredible experiences.

It really was a very special day and I can't thank the Midlands team and every volunteer enough for giving me and the girls so much fun.


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