>>  Saturday, December 28, 2019

 It was a cold and crisp day starting at Rowsley in Derbyshire.

 I have to admit to not paying a lot of attention to where I was
 And just following the group
 With the morning mist still hanging in the dales.
 The rivers were all very swollen
With steam rising from them in places, I assume because the air was so cold.
 But it was beautiful
 And we saw a few dippers
 And books in the wall
 I'm not sure why, nor why these walls were as they were.  Our walk leader was walking on GPS not maps so it made it hard to say "where are we, what is this?"

And about this point his GPS battery died anyway, but he knows this area very well and did not need to get out the emergency paper map in his bag.
 As early as 2.30pm it starting to feel like it was getting dark.
 But it brightened again for a while.

 Derbyshire has a unique feel to it.  I love it.
After a cup of tea in the pub at Monyash, I had a wander around the village on my own before getting back on the bus for home.
 Does it get any more English than this?!
A lovely 11 miles of rolling hills.


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