Winchester - an old friend

>>  Monday, May 06, 2019

 As we walked through Winchester there was a Brexit 'event' happening.  People were being asked to put sticky dots on what they think should happen next like another vote or just leave or revoke and other options.   HWMBO and I placed our dots in different boxes (neither to leave) and I said "well you immigrants can just go home if you feel like that" Now between us that was funny because he would be very happy to go home at any time and we know we both agree in politics generally so it was funny that for once we had differed a little.  The people around us however were not 'in' on our humour and I was stared at and judged.  I felt awful and with that as our starter for 10 I headed into the coffee shop for a very important event.

I went to meet a friend I had not seen in 30 years.  I was so nervous.  We have spoken on and off and she was there for me every day through COG's sepsis and when everyone else stopped asking how we were doing she never did.  But we hadn't actually seen each other.

 The second she walked through the door I knew it was going to be ok.  We hugged.  We both burst into tears.  We both burst out laughing that we had burst into tears and then we both burst into tears again!

 And we sat and drank tea and talked and talked
 and talked and talked
 And talked and talked
 Until we drew breath and realised if we didn't leave I would never make it into the cathedral before it closed or get to the Great Hall to see Arthur's table.
 HWMBO, who'd been hanging around the town,  came back and we all walked up the cathedral.
 So friend and I hugged and cried some more.
 Declared we must not leave it another 30 years and parted.
 She's lovely.
 We were friends for only a few years but everything about being together felt right.
 And the second we were together again it felt right again.
"make new friends but keep the old,
one is silver and the other's gold"


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