thou shalt do no murder

>>  Saturday, May 18, 2019

There is very little left of the Netley Royal Victoria Military Hospital.  It was a huge Victorian building.  Beautiful to look at and a great disappointment to Florence Nightingale that it was so impractical and poorly designed as a hospital building, so no great loss to health that it is gone but a sorry day for architecture.

The chapel though is open and a beautiful building.    We went up the tower being as it was such a clear day. 

The chapel itself has been lovingly restored and the museum is very interesting.

But mostly I was took with this "Thou shalt commit no murder" and I was pulling my hair out trying to remember why this rang a bell.

HWMBO reminded me it was in Fremantle Prison.  There the chapel also had this because they executed prisoners. 

Here the hospital was for soldiers returning from war,  initially the Crimean, recovering solders I guess would not be wanting to read "thou shalt not kill"

I think I was most intrigued that this was tucked away at the old chancel with the children's dressing up area in front of it.    I thought it was rather interesting.


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