Daffodil season

>>  Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I love daffs, really love them.

The season seemed to kick off with tulips this year so I started there but only as a warm up.

80% of the world's daffodil production for cut flowers comes from Cornwall and they haven't have the man power this year for cropping them.  The brexit affect and the falling pound means that the workers that will normally come to the UK for poor working conditions and low wages aren't coming any more.  People in the UK aren't prepared to work for piece rates so bad they can't make the minimum wage.   So with the crops rotting in the fields there haven't been as many around.  (I guess the people of Cornwall understood the direct effect a lack of migrant workers would have on their local economy when they voted leave - bless)
Anyway, back to my true love....

The daffs started true and bright.
But those green stems you pick up are really like a box of chocolates, with each new bunch you never know what you are going to get.
Even out in the fields on a cold day they surprise you dotted around.
I'm not so much for the subtle colours, but each has their own beauty.
And the point where so many people come home with them, I run out of places to stand them.
These I liked least of the season.

These are glorious, as bright as they should be.

And these were my favourite bought with love

And enjoyed in the place I most like to eat my breakfast.

And as quickly as it came, the season has ended.

I miss them already.


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