Skills For My Future UMA A Sticky Situation

>>  Wednesday, January 23, 2019

 To be quite honest I really didn't see much benefit in asking Rangers to tile with crackers and cream cheese.  So we jumped straight in at mosaic tiling.

I got coaster boards and a bucket of 1cm x 1cm tilings from Amazon.

They stuck them to the boards with PVA glue in the design they liked.

We had a discussion about patterns and at some point I recall saying "or it might just be random"

Never once thinking about the ranger with a mild learning disability not understanding that the pattern would be random rather than the tiles.

But I don't usually 'supervise' Rangers closely at all, even when I turn up with stuff I tend to just put it all in the middle of the table and leave them to it, so this is what happened.

 I also left them with the grout, some bowls, card board pieces for scrapers, empty bowls, sponges and polishing cloth.

I wasn't really in a position to help anyway, I'd have had to read the instructions the  same as them.  So I left them to it and they did fine.

Even the 'random' one grouted up well.

The UMA gives 30 mins for this activity, we did it across the course of 2 nights so the glue could dry well before grouting.  I think you could do it in one night if you pushed it.  But the girls were relaxed and chatty over 2.  I like relaxed and chatty and they do too.

The girls that were there for the second night only, glued the tiles to the boards closer together so they didn't need grouting.

When Cog came home at Christmas, she made one and as I showed her the photos of the Ranger ones she pointed out that they had all placed the tiles upside down!  Oh well, next time I will know,  no Ranger leader is born knowing everything.   So here in all it's glory is Cog's masterpiece!


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