Paper Frog Fly Catchers

>>  Monday, April 02, 2018

These paper folding frog fly catchers are easy to make for a 'keep in the bag' unit night

You need:

Sheet of green paper
Red felts (the thicker nibbed the better - board markers are great)
Glue Stick
Tissue paper
Thread (preferably clear)
Dark felt pen
Hole strengtheners (optional)
Sticky tape

 Start with your sheet of A4 green paper
 Square it off  (folding a corner up to find your square and cutting off the end is an easy way to do this)

Fold the square corner to corner both ways  (the picture only shows one fold you need one across the other way too)
Open the paper out and lay it with the folds like it will bend upwards to you.

Now fold each corner to the centre

(remember with all paper folding accuracy and pressing on the edges really helps a lot.)

So your paper now looks like this


Fold each corner to the centre again
 Colour in two opposite sides red
 Take a length of thread (about 30cms), a button and a small twist of tissue paper
 Tie the tissue paper to the button.

I push the thread up a hole and down another to create a loop, push the tissue par in and tied a thumb knot in the thread to pull the loop tight.  It can be fiddly and having someone to hold it will help, (Brownies would struggle with this bit.)
 Use sticky tape to stick the free end of the thread to the lower green side.

Then cover both green sides in glue.
 Put your fingers in the gaps in the under folds and manipulate it up, push the green sections together and just hold a minute whilst they stick.
Draw some eyes on and stick the hole strengtheners on.

Round off the corners of the head with scissors

 Using the hand that is holding the frog only, swing the fly and flick it up to catch it in the frog's mouth.

Follow this link for a printable instruction available to download

(Thank you to the GirlGuiding trainer that created this resource, I have kept it for so long I nolonger remember who/where it came from)

Have fun.


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