In body but not in mind

>>  Friday, February 23, 2018

"I’m off to the supermarket"
"I’ll come with you my love, we’ve not seen a lot of each other this week, it’ll be nice company"

And so he followed me around, sometimes within talking distance but mostly half an aisle behind, phone in hand, head down in

Occasionally I’d wait for him to catch up "fancy this for tea one night" I’d say, holding up a bottle of bleach "uh-huh, sure" he’d answer

As we got to the last aisle, he caught up with me and I hugged him and said "I’m so pleased you came tonight, I’ve been wanting to talk to you about that for ages, it’s lovely to be able to finally get it off my chest, I just can’t believe I was so worried to ask when you said yes just like that straight away, I do love you"

Deer in the headlights look (usually reserved for the morning of our anniversary when he spots my card at the breakfast table waiting for him.)

Now dear reader, I haven’t decided yet what it is he now thinks he’s said yes to, I know it's best to leave it at least a week for the conversation....

"You know that conversation we had in the supermarket.....oh I do love you, still can’t believe you were so agreeable......well, I’ve booked it"

I must remember to have my camera ready to catch the look of fear in his eyes!


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