Foot Painting Rangers Style

>>  Tuesday, December 05, 2017

 One of the things I have learnt across the years is that Rangers love going back to things they will have done as children, that chance to revisit things they once enjoyed without fear of derision, like playdough. At our planning meeting in September one idea presented was finger painting, why not go larger we decided: foot painting.

To protect the carpet in our meeting room I put down the large tarpaulin we use to cover bags whilst pitching on camp.

 I bought hand paint pads as I thought it would be less messy for them but to be honest, I wish I hadn't wasted the money because there was plenty of paint in our cupboard anyway and they got stuck straight into getting very messy.

With plenty of paper, pens and the ever required biscuits we were off.

Some paired up, some were happy to work alone.  Rather than standing in the paint on plates and trays, they decided to paint their feet and hands.

We had taken some ideas off the internet with us.

None of them managed to do the tree recognisably!

The robins were fun.

 The snowmen came out ok.

As did the reindeer.
They all enjoyed having a go at the disney princesses.

 Some with more skill than others, but all well tried.

The room and tarpaulin at the end of the night were pretty much carnage!

They really enjoyed it and went home proudly holding toddler-esque paintings that they were determined their parents would be made to stick on the fridge door.

 I was worried this term that we haven't really done anything deep, we didn't 'do' parliament week and they generally aren't interested in doing in depth campaigning or heavy material.

But watching them chatting, painting, squealing over the coldness of the paint and happily sloshing their feet around in the washing bowls I was quite content that this is exactly the type of evening they want after a day of hard study.  Some of them travel a long way to college and back each day, they are all doing exams, they don't want to debate issues of an evening. They want to develop their team building skills, explore their creativity, hone their common sense gland and enhance their communication skills!


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