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>>  Friday, November 24, 2017

Across the years I have made the odd resource like the Learning Look Wider game or Lucky Pig Game available for download but I've never  got around to putting them into one place for easy access. 

Another Ranger leader has put together a Google Drive of her resources and made them available for Ranger leaders to share.  But Google drive is one of those things either you get it or you don't, it's not the most obvious of tools to use and it was clear immediately that some Guiders were struggling to access it. So I have created a new area here:

Unofficial Ranger Resources

It gives direct access to all her resources and it has actually spurred me on to start to group together some of mine.

I have often thought about how I write about so many programme nights that are good to do but they just disappear into the history of the posts.  I must find a better way to catalog them together to be used.  Another thing I need to get around to!

for now though enjoy the new area, it is linked as RESOURCES from the bar across the top of the blog.


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