30 years

>>  Saturday, October 07, 2017

I completed 30 years as a Guider this week.

30 years.

It's hell of a commitment for other people's kids.

When you think about the hours I've put into being at the meetings, planning, prep, camps, finance, dealing with issues, supporting girls as individuals, writing references, sorting out awards.

All Guiders are volunteers, never paid a penny to do any of it. It has cost me so much of my own money, time, My own holiday time off work and commitment, so much commitment.

Once in a while a girl gives you thanks enough to make all of it feel worthwhile.

And once in a while a parent gives enough grief to wonder why the hell I bother!

But 30 years. Brownie Leader, Guide leader, Brownie Leader again and now Ranger Leader.

I wonder how many girls have been part of what I have done and I wonder how many remember me?

When I think about those early unit running days and pack holidays I did way back in the 80s, I wonder where those girls are now? I wonder if I made any difference to their outlook on life? 

These later years of guiding have definitely been good for me personally. I've had some real opportunities thanks to some really good guiders and they have helped me expand my skills and confidence. You will have seen them pop up over and over in my posts and they know I love them and thank them from the bottom of my heart. 

There is no pretending that there are times when I could do without it but I also can't imagine what I would do without it. On those winter nights when you drag yourself out to a unit meeting in a cold hall when you would rather be climbing into jim-jams with a warm drink and I think why? why? WHY? It takes only a few minutes to think but if you didn't do this there would be no summer camp or any of the other things I really enjoy. No gain without pain!!

I wonder how much longer I will continue, when will be the time to stop? Who knows. One day. But not today.


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