Leicestershire Round Round 4 Rutland Border

>>  Sunday, July 23, 2017

We are following theLeicestershire Footpath Associations 2017 edition of the Leicestershire round and whilst some of it not entirely clear, it has so far seen us through.

Section 4 takes us through the county of Rutland, which despite being the smallest in the country is one of the loveliest, so I had high hopes of a picturesque walk.

It started out well from Somerby with good views.
And the dog found the best treasure of the walks so far, a good bone to chew!

But this is the longest section in the book and much of it was very samey.
Owston was a pretty village.
I still has its village pump.
And a working well.
It felt like time had stood still here.
The guide book describes this wood as wearisome, it wasn't so bad, just a lot of insects and nettles.
But the ground became difficult underfoot, lots of holes and ruts unseen in the long grass.
Withcote Hall dates back to before Henry VIII.  Its stable block was clearly once quite grand but now stands dilapidated in a farm yard.
We walked across huge fields towards Launde.

The problems with rolling hills is you can't see the waymarkers over the brow and the book talks about 'heading slightly right' but luckily the dog was always a reliable path sniffer.
Launde Abbey is a Christian retreat and a reliable stop for a cup of tea and a slice of cake....

unless there is a fully booked silent retreat happening.

We ate our sandwiches on their picnic tables outside and to be frank the noise coming from inside was about as silent as a voice throwers reunion.

So cakeless and slightly dispirited we carried on.

You know when you can see the path ahead and it is a long way away and up hill.......well that!
and when you finally get to the top of the hill and the horizon is where you are headed....well that!
Belton is a lovely village and my walking companion was all for giving up here and calling it a day.

But I did the dutiful thing and feigned deafness and dragged her on.

We risked our lives crossing a major road again (this time the A47)
and into Alexton.

Now this hamlet is chocolate box.  Thatched cottages with roses around the doors, Seriously, I do not understand why there are not coach loads of Japanese tourists in these places!

I pointed out to my weary walking companion that I was dragging taking her to places people pay to go see.  I'm not convinced it helped!
I get the impression  not many walkers come this way.

The tractor was running, door open, farmer other side of field.  I was tempted to have a go.  Sorely tempted.
But hey, there was miles of exactly the same type of walking to go, so we got on with it.
and just when you think you've had enough why not throw a ploughed field in for ankle fun!
And then even the path seem to give up the ghost.

The path goes through there, that is a bridge over an old railway line.

Without the book there is no way we would have spotted this.
I told you not many people walked it!
And finally to Hallaton.  An outstandingly beautiful village with excellent pubs, good food, an interesting museum, and outstanding Hare pie.  But after 12 miles of what felt like hard walking we were too done in for any of it!

This is not a section of the round I would rush to repeat (and there are a few I would happy do over and over).  A real disappointment considering the outstanding beauty of the area.


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