Leicestershire Round Round 3 The Burrough Hill

>>  Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Picking up from where round 2 left off in Frisby.  The views were immediately stunning.

I would do this whole 10 mile section over and over for the views.
but the crops were hard going.
really hard!
The new route book I am following does tend to get slightly confusing with it's 'slightly left' sort of instructions but good landmarks meant it was almost impossible to go wrong.
We also seemed to be following these signs for most of the way as well as the Leicestershire Round signs.  I guess they are leading to the Iron Age fort but it is only a guess.
The first leg to Gaddesby is the longest of this section at 3 miles.

We only skirted the village edge and we turned towards Ashby-Folville.

Which is of interest because it is where Edward met Mrs Simpson.

We could hear the hurrahs coming across the fields from the quintessentially English cricket match being played
It was an interesting leg of not so beautiful
"Chitty-chitty-bang-bang could have been filmed here" type
And chocolate box pretty
The English countryside in summer is beautiful and around here is as English as the Cotswolds but without all the tourists.

I found out what a ha-ha wall is - basically one for posh people who don't want to have their view spoilt or sheep on the lawn!
We headed onto Thorpe Satchville.
Then Burrough hill was ahead.

It was an Iron Age fort and you can see how it commanded a great position to defend itself.   Although you would have to go down hill for water in the end, so I think I would just have sat and waited for them to get thirsty!

But there is no sniffing at the view

From the clear contours of the fort up top you head steeply down hill  and then another climb

Before going into a beautiful wood.

It was sublime to be walking through it.
Even if parts were fairly heavy underfoot!
And then back into open countryside
Some of it reminded me of the Bernese Overland (but without the mountains!)
And we headed onto Somerby
This was a really good 10 miler with some good undulations, views and steep(ish) climbs.


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