Leicestershire Round Round 6 (Canal Country)

>>  Monday, May 29, 2017

 I picked up from Round 5 in Foxton.

It is a nice village with a good pub.
 But we were quickly out of the village and onto the canal.

This is my stomping ground.  I run around here a lot so I knew that the bank was not going to be like this for long on a sunny Sunday.
 The crowds were at the locks and  Bridge 61.  A great place to stop and eat on a quiet day, always a nightmare on a warm weekend.
 But we were out of there at bridge 63 and hardly saw a sole after that,
 This is a lovely area.  Very undulating.
 It was a pleasant walk into Gumley.
 The church was open so I popped in for a look whilst Cog fussed a cat outside.

The cat enjoyed that a lot, so it followed us out of the village

past the large copper beech and for a worrying distance, I had to do a lot of  'shoo, go home' in the end and felt very guilty afterwards!

 There was a type of style I had never seen before, very clever design.
 And we were back into the open fields
 And into another area I run a lot.

Past Saddington Water and onto Saddington village.

There is a mud wall in Saddington you walk past, the Guide book doesn't mention it but is worth looking at.

We went in toward Fleckney and I have no photos as it all became a rather stressful haze as around 50 cows (maybe more) decided to run towards us.  We legged it around a pond in the middle of the field up to our ankles in mud and did a field dash in the wrong direction towards a road.

We doubled back towards the way we needed to go further down the road and headed away from Fleckney towards the old A50.  It was a rather long dull section made interesting in a search for a very large water horse trough behind which a style was hiding.

 There was a take your life into speeding drivers hands dash across the old A50 and a gentle downhill into Shearsby,
 We were lucky then that a cross country race had followed the round for a while and was marked out with very bright flags.
 There were a number of long dull fields into Bruntingthorpe and an earlier walker must have known our need for some moral support at this point.
 But the planes were being 'revved up' on the airfield and it was exciting to hear them getting louder as we got closer.

And finally into Bruntingthorpe village.

Which is where we started Round 7 quite some time ago.


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