London - a quick turn around

>>  Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cog had tickets to see a band, so we went into London together, a first class treat and a very fine hotel.

We started at Covent Garden which felt very christmassy.
Although there was the 'odd' shopper
The smell of mulled wine added to the atmosphere.
The shop to which I pay my salary directly is always a lighting treat, the odd shopper was still there!
We had a wander around and then went for a meal
We walked across to Carnaby street.

I always find the area a disappointment but Cog likes it.
I liked these.
Regent Street was a London as ever, it really is just about as London as it gets at any time of year I think.
The O2 had made an effort.
But again, when would it not look impressive.

And St Pancras on a misty early morning looked as though Peter and Wendy were flying past.
It was a perfect trip start to end.  A good train service, a good shop, an especially good hotel (The Great Northern at St Pancras), a fantastic concert (so Cog tells me), a fine few hours spent killing time whilst I waited for her, a fun trip across London with thousands of others and all in one tube carriage as far as we could tell, a 1am cup of tea and mince pie with a cracking view of Station happenings, a good (if short sleep), and a first class journey home to get Cog to work in the morning.

A grand adventure.


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