The one in which I cry on a farmer whilst stood in cow shit

>>  Thursday, November 24, 2016

A run is good for the soul, it's lovely to get out and blow the cobwebs away.

I have to drag myself out but I always appreciate it once I'm there.
 This tree reminded me of how I feel at the moment.

Suffocated by current happenings.
I'd be happy to just get back to this.

I remember when I thought that was hard work!!
 Some days nothing seems clear.
 But you have to keep on.
 I was just taking this photo of cows (as you do), when a farmer, who was in the ditch behind the cows, (who knew?!) came running over demanding to know why I was taking photos of him.

Life really is quite shit sometimes.
So I explained I take photos of not much really.  Then I showed him my photos of not much really, then I took another photo of not much really and I started to try to explain to him why I take photos of not much really.

He recognised me as that emotionally unstable, middle aged wreck that is prone to sobbing in supermarket aisles when the wrong tune is piped over the tanoy and he backed away slowly and apologetically.
So I took another photo and not much really and kept on keeping on.


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