Bradgate in the Autumn

>>  Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bradgate is lovely at this time of year.
The trees here are incredibly special, lots are over 500 years old,
Some are over 800 years old.  (This is because of so many 100s of years of pollarding)

The geology here is also incredibly important and of international significance.

But it's mostly just a  really nice place to ramble around in,

Autumn having the added advantage of having 'fruit' to collect too.


It's an amazing space to walk around in and it absorbs the numbers of visitors well.

Did I mention the rocks?

And the trees?

And the Chestnuts?

But at this time of year the deer really 'get going'.  The big men are rutting and chasing the ladies around and there are lots of babies wandering around.

It's lovely to watch.  Skip ahead to 2:15 to see the stag skip!


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