Tails Game - great for brownies

>>  Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You need:

As many tails as you have brownies (I cut material into 5cm by 25cm (ish) strips)

Lots of counters (at least 4 per girl)

one box for all the containers at the start

four empty containers (if you have four teams)

Line up in teams, ours go in sixes if the numbers are even.

Each girl tucks a tail into their trousers making sure quite a bit is showing.

Put a chair beside each team with an empty containers on it.

a Guider or Young Leader takes the full box of counters to the other end of the hall and holds onto it.

Girls race in relay fashion run up to leader with the box of containers and take a counter, run back to their team and place it in the container on their team’s chair.  When the counter is in the box the next girl goes.

But whilst they are running up and down collecting counters they also have to try snatch other girl’s tails. They can only grab another tail whilst they and the tail owner are 'runners' - they can't just steal one whilst in the queue waiting. If they get a tail then they put that in the container on their chair at the same time as they put their counter in.

Continue until the girls are exhausted or you run out of counters.

Once the game has ended you can get them to add up the scores, in their own container:

1 point for each counter
2 points for each tail snatched

But they also get:

5 extra points for each girl that kept her own tail.

Once they have played it once and seen the scoring work they really start to 'get it' so second time around they get a lot more competitive about their tails!


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