Cats versus Dogs

>>  Sunday, July 03, 2016

I think dog owners are morning people, dogs definitely are.

Cats sleep.

If I get up early to do something special, and it has to be special or very necessary for me to be up early if I'm not going to work, the cats blink blearily at me from their chosen sleeping places. Their eyes saying 'what bloody time do you think this is, sod off I'm sleeping'.

Dogs wake up early and demand attention.

Cats do not get dirty. Should a dreadful event occur where mud gets in their feet they will wash and wash unless very tired (hang on that's always) in which case if at all possible they will walk across a white duvet cover until they don't leave footprints any more before sleeping.

Dogs get dirty and require washing.

Cats do not smell. They wash, lots. They don't get wet (unless doing the cute drink from the tap thing) and should it happen, they wash.

Dogs smell.

A cat will win the battle of the 'you will feed me quality food that I am prepared to eat' whilst you try to give it the 'this was on special offer' treatment. 

A dog will eat its own foot if it places it in the bowl by mistake.

Both cats and dogs seem capable of taking over an entire king size bed.

A cat trains its owners into a routine, dogs like a routine.

Cats can give you a look that makes you feel judged and intimidated all at once. If you want to feel loved, valued and adored get a dog. Cats are much more discerning.

I will always be a cat lady. ( I will probably die alone and be eaten by my cats. )

So when my ex-husband reminded me two days before Christmas that I had promised I would help him look after a dog if he got one for Cog my first response was.......................oh bugger!

I wondered if I was about to start to learn to love a dog?!

The correct answer after 6 months is....



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